Save America

We Have Watched:

President Trump is the best thing that ever happened for America. It’s because he is a businessman with clout; not a politician. If it weren’t for the Obstructionists identified in the book, he would not be running for re-election – the world would be under control.

Because of the Steele Dossier and two years of the Mueller Investigation of Russian Collusion, President Trump’s re-election is a MUST.

The Mueller Investigation influenced the mid-term Elections; Dems control the House. The Freshmen Congresspersons are radical Socialists that are encouraging “Free Everything for Everybody.”

The Dems want to jail President Trump. Let’s take their lead; but jail Barry, instead, followed by Democrat Legislators who served under Barry for eight years without taking action against his ineligibility to serve as POTUS.

New Creatures Emerge from The Swamp.

Just when it appeared like it was clear sailing for the RED team for 2020, out of the Swamp comes Social Media sparked by Google; (others prepared to help “Fund Evil”).

No amount of monies can be raised by the RED team to overcome the money power of the Social Media – and all because they hate President Trump. Sad!

How To Beat the Swamp Creatures!

Raising money for the NRCC won’t work (Not this time). If you want to be on the Winning Team again, it would be easier and less costly to join the Force; add your name and state to the Commemorative Wall. Be a Gold VIP Member if you can.

As a Gold VIP Member, your contribution will be credited to your Hui Kane or Wahine account. When the Hawaiian Kingdom is restored, and your account compounds (like a bank - because it is) to $10,000, in 25 years, you may be a millionaire. You can reduce that time by adding contributions annually. Members may borrow against their account at any time. Accounts not subject to audit or taxation* by any entity.

(*Laws governing the bank will be made available when the Hawaiian Kingdom’s sovereignty is restored)

The Challenge.

When ready, we will challenge the Obstructionists (Swamp Creatures). The law is on our side; so, once the challenge begins, we intend to correct history, and:

    (1)   Remove complicit Democrat Legislators from office – Turn the House RED NOW:
    (2)   Finish building southern Border Wall;
    (3)   Solve the Illegal Immigration Problem; and
    (4)   Provide President Trump with the votes to complete his Bucket List.

Thank You, America.

Thank you in advance for Saving America from the radical Left and the evil, hateful Swamp Creatures.

May God Bless America.