Restoring the Hawaiian Kingdom

In 1993, Congress published an Apology Resolution to the Hawaiians of the events of the 1893 Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii by the United States of America. (see Chapter 3 of History Erred)

Since 1993, if fifty-one percent of the Kanaka Maoli were willing to come together and choose a leader, the Kingdom of Hawaii could have been restored.

Now that the book is in circulation; let's ask all freedom loving Americans who weren't aware of the 1893 Overthrow of the Kingdom to help us target the corruption of Congress for 125 years; by asking them to ask the President to "Restore the Kingdom of Hawaii" to the Kanaka Maoli.

In Chapter 8, Restoring the Hawaiian Kingdom, we define:
  • the Kanaka Maoli, (Native Hawaiians dating back to 1778),
  • the Naturalized Descendants (Asians, Europeans, Americans) dating to 1850;
  • the Citizens after two years, in categories (1960), (1980), (2000);
  • and, the Denizens (not yet citizens).

  • Chapter 8 also discusses the Constitution, and the initial plans for the Kingdom, which will be subject to revision by the Kupuna Council after Aupuni Hawaii (the Hawaiian Kingdom) is restored.