To all Kanaka Maoli, Naturalized Descendants (KMND) and Citizens:

A Kanaka Maoli is a person who by birth or national origin and ancestry is a descendant of the original inhabitants who prior to 1778 exercised sovereignty over the Archipelago of Hawaii.

If you are a Kanaka Maoli, or know someone who is of Hawaiian descent, and especially if you are a Kupuna, over 80 years old, or the surviving member of your family tree, please fill out the Registration Form so that you can be an instrumental part of establishing Aupuni Hawaii.

The building of Aupuni Hawaii will be done by the Kupuna Council that will be assembled by Hui Kanaina.

If you are a Kupuna (Senior) over age eighty (80) or surviving member of a family tree, 40% Hawaiian (or more) and would like to serve on the Kupuna Council, email me at

According to our population count, there were 500,000 Kanaka Maoli in 1778 when Captain Cook came to visit. There were no known diseases in Hawaii. The Missionaries arrived in 1820. By 1848, with the introduction of foreigners and the measles, cold and other diseases, the Hawaiians were devastated. They were dying by the thousands. Their bodies were not able to combat the diseases; the population dropped to 70,000. Today, the number is up to 108,000 Kanaka Maoli in the world.

Hawaiian Homelands shows the number to be 332,000. We'll get to actuality when Aupuni Hawaii is restored.

KMND, Citizens and Pro-Trumpers, please complete the Registration Form and the Letter to President Trump. Scan and email them to me at

KMND, Citizens and Pro-Trumpers, your names will be included in the Presidential Library in Waikiki for all to see. Make your grandchildren and their family proud to know you played a role in American and Hawaiian history.

Mahalo a me ka Aloha,

Kalai Manao