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When we started writing this book, our main concern was to correct the wrong America committed in 1893 when the United States Minister, assigned to the sovereign and independent Hawaiian Kingdom, conspired with a small group of non-Hawaiian residents of Hawaii, including citizens of the United States, to overthrow the indigenous and lawful Government of Hawaii.

Sitting in the Library doing our research, it became apparent to us that this was not going to be an easy task. We discovered that many of our friends and neighbors frequented this particular library, and, out of curiosity, they wanted to know what we were doing. When we told them, we were really surprised that very few of them were aware of the 1893 Overthrow of Hawaii – most didn't even know that the event took place.

So, we decided that we had to change our approach to the subject. It was going to be more than just presenting our facts to the President (POTUS) and requesting that he restore the Hawaiian Kingdom to its people.

Having read many books dealing with the overthrow and restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom, it was clear that all that had to be done had been done except the majority of the Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian people) had to unite to accept the Restoration Plan.

Today, the Hawaiian people represent only 12% of the population of Hawaii. (That's because Hawaii knew of no diseases. Around 1848, when the influx of foreigners and measles were introduced to Hawaii. the Hawaiians were not able to tolerate the disease and dropped dead from the epidemic by the thousands).

So, the majority of the population that would be opposed to the Kingdom will bully the others into going the way of the rich – not the way of the Hawaiians.

Hence, the book; literature and letters to follow.

The key figures in this process are the President and the honest conservative people of the United States. Who would the President listen to?

Hawaii is already an independent, sovereign nation in continuity. All they need is for the President (POTUS) to direct the Governor of the (illegal) State of Hawaii to organize a change of command ceremony to transfer his (Governor's) authority and his administration to the Moi (Head of State) of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Hui Kuokoa (Aupuni Aloha Hawaii).

This should be a good deal for President Trump. Every Senator in Hawaii at the state level and national level are Democrats. Restoring the Kingdom, the President would have two less Democrat Senators to worry about to get his agenda through.

A Problem. America today is faced with trivial bickering by an anti-Trump group that has the potential to culminate into an explosive climax - like cities being burned down, if something isn’t done soon:

This group looks like paid terrorists as they destroy property, public and private, to make a point, yet to be determined. The group consists of: Anti-White, Racists, White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, Anti-Trump, Antifa, even ISIS; and it has an Army of 30,000 strong and a court system stacked over the decades with judges who would allow it to break laws.

How much damage can they do?

We call the group the Ugly Force. Their mission is: To Destroy President Trump.

Aupuni Hawaii, Inc. was organized as the Freedom Force, (but since the name was used, we translated it to Hawaiian and call ourselves HForce, Hui Kuokoa or the Force) with specific missions to help President Trump destroy the Ugly Force by:

    (1) Helping correct the Political Divide;
    (2) Helping correct the Racial Divide;
    (3) Helping correct the Historical Divide;
    (4) Helping restore the Hawaiian Kingdom; and,
    (5) Helping keep the House-Senate RED.

Relying On The Truth

As we look at the Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii by the US, we see the Right Way recommended by President Grover Cleveland: restore the Kingdom and return the sovereignty of Hawaii to Queen Liliuokalani, the reigning monarch.

And, we look at the Wrong Way, the course that America has been on for the past 126 years, caused by President McKinley in signing the treaty of annexation. It failed in the Senate, yet, he annexed Hawaii by means of a joint Newlands Resolution.

Studying The Truth

In the book, "Restoring the Kingdom of Hawaii," by International Attorney and Professor Francis A.Boyle, we are using his expertise as a guide. The sovereignty of the Kingdom of Hawaii still belongs to the Kanaka Maoli.

By getting an eBook (History Erred), you can be part of the Force and help, so you can leave your mark in history and take advantage of the perks.

The Force is relying on your sympathy in learning the truth about the plight of the Kanaka Maoli in their battle for the Restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

How Do We Beat The Ugly Force?

Get a Book, Put your name on the Commemorative Wall.     

As the numbers of names grow, so will our might. Our objective is to get the Trump voters to put their names on the Wall to correct the wrong done by the United States on overthrowing a sovereign and independent nation in 1893.

When our numbers become formidable; or, we are challenged by the Ugly Force, we will go into our attack mode and correct history . . . really correct history.

Be a part of this Historic Moment

Join the Force by donating $25. If you are a Trump voter: go to: 'Get A Book.'

Your name (and your spouse's) will be entered on the Commemorative Wall in the Presidential Library located in a posh hotel in Waikiki, Hawaii (See Chapter 8).

When the Force's numbers grow, it will cause the Ugly Force to unravel. Barry will be forced to flee or get caught up in history changing.

All those who served in the previous Administration will be challenged to resign; the Ugly Force will be silenced.

The Trump Administration will be able to accomplish all the things that the President promised he would do during his Campaign; and the Swamp will be completely drained.

When the Ugly Force is silenced, the President and the people whose names are on the Commemorative Wall will be praised as being the Force that Saved America In History Erred.

When you think of the Commemorative Wall, don't shy away from having your name on the Wall. Think of its historical value. It's not for you. It's for your grandchildren and their children when they walk through the historical Library in Hawaii, they will say, "Oh, look, that's my great granddad's name on the Wall."