Drain The Swamp

We Have Watched:
The Democrats endorsed a Fraud for eight years – while we suffered – quietly. Now, the Dems are reacting like spoiled children just because they hate President Trump for winning the Presidency. They can't accept all his unprecedented accomplishments.

We can't watch any more.
If the Dems really need someone to hate, they can start by hating themselves for endorsing a Fraud – Barry, the Obstructionist - for eight years.

Destroy the Obstructionists:
Our objectives are dangerous. President Trump's approval rating is at 53% That means 47% of America side with Barry, the Media and Democrats as Obstructionists.

It all started with an FBI task force. An Anti-Trump Dossier, written by Christopher Steele, paid for by the Clinton Campaign, was used to attack the President by threatening impeachment.

If that wasn't enough, a Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, was commissioned by the Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein (since the AG, Jeff Sessions, recused himself) to investigate Russian Collusion by President Trump during the 2016 campaign.

After 22 months (675 days) the Mueller Report was submitted to the new Attorney General, Mr. Bill Barr. Bottom Line: No Collusion, No Obstruction.

The Blue Congress was upset with the findings from the Mueller Report; and, went into a 'subpoena attack' on the Republicans.

To stop all this nonsense, The Force has entered the battleground with the charge of Fraud against Barry (the behind-the-scenes Head of the Obstructionists).

By Correcting History:
We correct the political landscape. When we raise money to challenge Barry (and Company), all we ask is: fair retribution, 8 years (wasted) for 8 years (future productivity).

Here's what our charge against Barry will accomplish:

    (1) Remove Barry from American politics. History will be corrected (in 2020). A charge of Fraud is facing Barry. The Force is prepared to prove that Barry's Birth Certificate is laden with flaws. The Birth Certificate we have on him is not from Hawaii.
    (2) Turn the House RED Now before the 2020 Election. –
    (3) Make the Senate REDDER. The Force is prepared to challenge all Democrat Congresspersons and Senators who served during any part of Barry's tenure (2009 – 2016) to resign (see Chap 14, Phase II and Chap 15, Our Recommendation).
    (4) Reduce number of 2020 POTUS Candidates. By the changes of status of Senators and Congresspersons, Candidates may have to reconsider their run for POTUS.
    (5) Stop Barrycare
    (6) Remove two Supreme Court Justices –
    (7) Replace 329 Federal Judges appointed by Barry. With the elimination of Barry, Barrycare becomes history. The two Supreme Court Justices appointed by Barry must be replaced. The 329 Federal Judges appointed by Barry must be replaced; plus, all documents signed by Barry becomes Null and Void;
    (8) Persuade President Trump to ignore challenge by Never-Trumpers. The Force recommends the new Red House go the way of the Default Executive Team. By doing this, the President will not have to campaign against any one. The Red Congress will negotiate a retribution plan to replace Barry and Joe's wasted eight years.
    (9) Mueller Investigation was coordinated to influence the Mid-Term Elections; Proving this should be an easy task for the new Red Congress; they can call on Mr. Mueller and inquire on his motivation to drag the investigation 22 months when he knew he had No Collusion from day one.
    (10) Remove the Contempt Charge on AG Barr by Blue Congress; That should be one of the first acts of the new Red Congress. Now is the time to take a closer look at the Dossier and all the Agents and Agencies of the Deep State who were part of the planning and preparation for it.