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Did you vote for the President in 2016? Are you upset that almost 4 years have gone by and the Dems want to talk about Russia, Russia, Russia and Impeachment again?

Well, we’re glad you hung in there because we just uncovered the Chief Obstructionist.

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The Force’s Plan starts with an attack against the political problems being generated by the Democrats because of their unwillingness to accept President Trump as America’s choice to be the President of the United States from the 2016 Election.

President Trump won the election in November 2016 because he won the Electoral College votes as compared to Hillary Clinton, who won the Popular votes by a million; but that didn’t matter. The Electoral College votes determined the winner.

The Dems went into a tirade that the Electoral College should be eliminated.

The Electoral College came into being so that all the people of America would be represented in the votes. Clinton won 4 of 5 Counties in NY to beat Trump with over a million votes. The 4 Counties represented 319 square miles. Trump won most of the rest of the country, 3,792,000 square miles. Who represented the American people best?

Russian Collusion: Then the Dems came out with a charge of Russian collusion by the President.

The Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, recused himself from the Russian collusion; so, the Deputy AG, Rob Rosenstein, selected Robert Mueller.

So, for the next 22 months with 40 attorneys, all we heard from the Dems and MSM were Collusion . . . Collusion . . . Collusion. The airwaves were flooded with Mueller and Company having found collusion between Trump and Putin.

Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and others were charged and sentenced for crimes. It was not clear about the relevance of the charges to Russian Collusion.

Then Barry directed the attack against the Republicans by the Dems claiming that Mueller had the evidence to prove Russian Collusion. Enough people believed it to be true to sway the votes to elect a number of unqualified Freshmen Legislators into office.

2018 Election: The Democrats took the House. We will prove that it was a Sham.

Mueller Report: When the Mueller Report was finally released, it was a sad day for the Dems. They were even more irate. The anger never tamed until impeachment was suggested. Now they had a mission – a direction to go to take down President Trump.

The Impeachment started with an inquiry, committees and finally managers. Speaker was cautioned of proceedings without charges of high crimes or misdemeanors.

So, a lot of time and money was wasted on the Congressional Impeachment with hearsay witnesses and no meaningful impeachable crimes – yet the trial went on.

US Embassy in Baghdad Attacked: US intelligence found Iran General Soleimani as the commander responsible. President Trump eliminated him. Dems blamed Trump.

The Articles of Impeachment were voted on in December, 2019; but hidden for a month by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

President Trump Acquitted: Fortunately for us, the outcome of this trial mattered very little to our plan; but, not to worry – the President was acquitted. He won again.

On Feb 12, Rush Limbaugh talked about the Roger Stone sentence being reduced by the DOJ and claimed that with the President being acquitted that none of the crimes against Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and others should have been tried by Mueller.

The Force agrees. The Force will prove that Barry and Mueller are the ones who should be tried and sentenced; followed by the Dem Legislators serving Barry.

The First Historical Error

Correct the Historical Error: The Force will prove that Barry is the Obstructionist – the key player responsible for the attack against President Trump. He orchestrated the plan which became known as the Steele Dossier, which included the Comey FISA Court debacle, while he was still in office.

The plan was to sabotage the Trump campaign so that Hillary Clinton would win the election. What a scary thought. They came close; but Trump was focused on his game plan – the Electoral College.

FORCE'S MISSION: Charge Barry with Fraud - Turn the House RED now.

To start the action, we must gather the conservative voters of November 2016 (CV16). These are the Americans that the Democrats are saying to: “their votes don’t matter,” when the House Democrats chose to Impeach the President.

Truth is, their votes are the ones that will: (1) remove the complicit Dems from office; and (2) Turn the House RED now.

So, if we can hurry and assemble the CV16 to get an eBook ($1.99) and join the Force to get their names on the Commemorative Wall in the Presidential Library located at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, we can get busy turning the House RED.

The plan has a Special Offer which credits new Force members to accelerate their status by acquiring two Royal Hawaiian (0.5 oz .999 pure) silver coins through an incentive plan which allows members to invite their CV email buddies to join the Force and be credited for the coins; the possibilities are endless.

Example: As a new member, it only cost $1.99 to get an eBook and become a member of the Force. But the Special Offer is extended to your spouse to put his/her name on the Commemorative Wall with yours – that cost $25. The accelerated plan to make you a Gold VIP Member requires that you donate a thousand ($1,000) dollars to get two (.5 oz .999 pure) silver coins valued at five hundred ($500) dollars each.

Here’s the Special Offer: if you can afford the thousand ($1,000) dollars, that will help. If you can’t, right now, you don’t have to. When the coins are minted for you, you will be notified. The coins will be shipped C.O.D. (You will be worth more than that then.)

Ending Phase I: The names on the Commemorative Wall of the Presidential Library will be confidential and will not be available to anyone until the Library is open to the public. You will be notified when that occurs.

This phase will end when the Force becomes a formidable one to scare the former President to flee to avoid prosecution. It would not be smart for him to challenge the Force which can prove it is right; and Barry can’t defend against it.

The CV team will be recognized as the ones who helped President Trump save America from destruction by the Democrat Obstructionists.


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